Hendra  : Hello. . .good morning.
Aan        : Hai. . .good morning.
Hendra  : If may know, what is your name and where are you came from?
Aan        : My name is Aan Aji Prayogi, you can call me Aan, I came from Meliau and you?
Hendra  : My name is Suhendra and I came from Ketapang.
Hendra  : By the way, what is your job?
Aan        : My job is nurse and how about you?
Hendra  : I’m university student,
                 How long have you worked as a nurse and where you work?
Aan        : I’ve worked about two years in the hospital Soedarso, Pontianak
                 What semester are you now?
Hendra  : I have four semesters now at STIK Muhammadiyah Pontianak.
Hendra  : Can I ask something to you about nursing?
Aan        : Of course, what is your question?
Hendra  : How to become a professional nurse?
Aan        : You must have good attitude and skills in addition to providing excellent nursing care to  client. It can be though a variety of experience and training.
Hendra  : What is the purpose of doing acts of nursing?
Aan        : Oh, the purpose of nursing is to assist in curing the patient’s disease or condition.
Hendra  : What are the duties of nurse?
Aan        : One of the many duties of nursing is the administration of therapeutic medicines that have been ordered by the doctor.
Hendra  : Well, is there another purpose about nursing?
Aan        : Nursing tries to keep, improve and return the patient’s health.
Hendra  : Thank for your information Aan, see you next time and nice to meet you.
Aan        : See you and nice to meet you too Hendra.

Note :
1.        Aan Aji Prayogi as a Nurse
2.        Suhendra as a University Student


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