Nursing is the art and science of caring for the sick and injured. Part of nursing is an art because an art is a skill or ability acquired (obtained) through training and experience. Also a part of nursing is scientific, because there are laws and rules to be followed. Nursing procedures are the methods used in giving nursing care to patients (sick and injured persons).
There are many purpose of nursing and nursing procedures :
1.        Nursing tries to maintain (keep), promote (improve), and restore (return) to patient’s health.
2.        Nursing attempts (tries) to protect he patient against contracting (getting – “catching”) a new infection (disease), becoming reinfected (contracting same disease again), or taking on a new condition.
3.        Nursing tries to assist (help) the patient in understanding, accepting, and participating (taking part) in the program for his care.
The most important purpose of nursing is to assist in curing (satisfactorily ending) the patient’s disease or condition. This mean that medical pesonnel must cooperate (work together) and perofrm their duties as a team.
Therapy is the term used to describe the treatment of a diseases or body condition. On of the many duties of nursing personnel is the administration (application) of therapeutic (healing) medicines that have been ordered by the doctor. Another type of therapy that is a part of nursing is physical therapy. Physical therapy is the treatment of a body condition by exercise (moement), heat, light , etc.

1.        Is nursing an art?
2.        Is nursing a science?
3.        Does nursing attempt to maintain, promote and improve a patient’s health?
4.        What is the most important purpose of nursing?
5.        What is the term used to describe the treatment of a disease?

1.         Nursing
2.         Patients
3.         Health
4.         Infection
5.         Therapy
6.         Therapeutic
7.         Curing
8.         Administration

Write a sentence using each of following word :
1.         Nursing
2.         Science – Scientific
3.         Injured
4.         Acquired
5.         Promote
6.         Contracting
7.         Infection
8.         Reinfected
9.         Curing
10.     Cooperate
11.     Therapy
12.     Therapeutic
13.     Physical therapy
14.     Exercise
15.     Healing


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