Hendra  : Hello. . .good morning

Aan        : Hi. . .good morning

Hendra  : How are you today?

Aan        : I am fine, how about you?

Hendra  : I am fine too thanks. By the way, where are you working now?

Aan        : I work in a hospital Meliau and you?

Hendra  : I work in a hospital Ketapang

                 Can we share knowledge about nursing?

Aan        : Sure, What you need to know about nursing?

Hendra  : How we provide good nursing care to the client?

Aan        : We must keeping the patient’s body and clothes clean

Hendra  : What we do in providing comfort for the client?

Aan        : We are treating him as a person and providing for his rest and relaxation.

Hendra  : What is the primary function of the medical team?

Aan        : The primary function of this team is the care of the patient

Hendra  : Thanks for your information Aan, see you...

Aan        : See you...

Note :

1.        Aan Aji Prayogi as a Nurse

2.        Suhendra as a Nurse


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