Chapter 14 { Giving Warning }
Aan   : Hi Adit, what is your plan for semester holiday ?
Adit   : I want to adenture to the Japan Cave at the Purwokerto
Aan   : Can I join with you to the adventure ?
Adit   : yes, you can join with me
{ They have arrived at the cave japan }
Adit   : Mind your head Aan the Japan Cave have many stalagmit and stalagtit
Aan   : thank you adit
Adit   : The Japan Cave too produce many water so you must be carefull about slippery floor
Aan   : oke Adit thank about your warning
Adit   : Usually this time the bat will be flaying around the Japan Cave, Look out !
{ Finally they came out of the cave }
Aan   : Ok Adit, where are we going now ?
Adit   : We will go to the restaurant for lunch
Aan   : I see a very cloudy sky so I warn you it’s going to rain
Adit   : Ok, I will accelerate the pace of the car so we are not exposed to rain
Aan   : You should not be too fast because we can get accident
Adit   : ok
Aan   : see you tomorrow, be carefull at the sreet
Aan   : Hi Adit, what is schedule tomorrow ?
Adit   : The schedule about task english language, did you finish it ?
Aan   : Not yet, I forget to working our task
Adit   : I was reprimand for you about the task of english language
Aan   : Ok, I am sorry, next time I will not repeat again
{ after tht they are going to the canteen }
Adit   : Can you take me a candy ?
Aan   : Yes I can, The candy is very cute, I like it
Adit   : Hi Aan, after you eat sweets do not throw garbage carelessly
{ they are go to the class}
Adit   : Aan, I say message from Irwan you must return his book because you borrow his book for long time
Aan   : OK, by the way if you had not paid money for food canteen keeper asked me earlier
Adit   : Oh..thank you, do you see my key the motoecycle Aan, I forget put it ?
Aan   : Next time you must be carefull if you put the key
Adit   : Yes I will be carefull

Aan   : Adit, you should politely because there had been a lecturer in front of you do not say hello


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