Name  : 1.  Aan Aji Prayogi
              2.  Aditia Ananda
Class   : 1 B (Semester II)
Order : English Language
Adit    :  Hey man ! What are you doing here?
Aan     :  Hey...I am reading a newspaper here.
Adit    :  Oh newspaper. By the way..What’s your name?
Aan     :  My name is Aan Aan Aji Prayogi, and you, what is your name?
Adit    :  My name is Aditia Ananda, nice to meet you ! (shakehand)
               Where are you come from?
Aan     :  Nice to meet you too ! (shakehand)
              I came from Meliau, and you, where are you came from?
Adit    :  I’m from Mempawah,
              Are you working here?
Aan     :  No...I’m not. I will do test to enter in this University,
              STIK Muhammadiyah Pontianak.
              By the way..In senior high school, you come from science class or social class?
Adit    :  Oh...I’ve same too, I’m from science class in senior high school in Mempawah City, how about you?
Aan     :  I’m from science class too in senior high school Kutasari, in here (Pontianak city) where do you live?
Adit    :  I’m live at Parit Haji Muksin’s Street, Number 24 and Block B, and you?
Aan     :  I’m live at Permata Trans Kalimantan number B3 Sui. Ambawang, and what is your hobby?
Adit    :  My hobby is drawing and playing piano. Everyday I’m play piano at home and some time I’ve do drawing picture use pensil, spidols, crayons and etc. Hmm. How about your hobby?         
Aan     :  That’s fantastic, will you teach me to playing piano or drawing?  My hobby is play volleyball and browsing internet to get some information.
Adit    :  Sure. I will. You must teach me too to playing volley
Aan     :  Are you serious with your plan to enter in this University, it so expensive, you know?
Adit    :  Yes I’m sure. Because I’m from science class in senior high scholl and it can be base knowledge to study in this Univesity. hmm not problem about cost, but it different with my soul, I like art, I like music and drawing.
Aan     :  Oh...if that, you must be believe and surely you can finish the test and you can study in this university.
Adit    :  Oh thanks friend. I hope you can finish the test too. (the bell is ringing). Let’s go enter in the test room
Aan     :  Ok. Let’s go.


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